2008 round-ups

[ 29.12.2008 ]

Gần đây việc blogging bị lãng quên mất rồi. Một là do mình đang được nghỉ học. Mà nghỉ học thì không có gì làm ngoài đi chơi. Mà không có gì làm thì không có động lực ngồi vào việc –> do quá lười. Cái này không phải là mới khám phá ra nhưng vẫn muốn nhắc lại. Đó là chỉ có khi nào mà công việc ngập đầu ngập cổ thì mình mới muốn tranh thủ ngồi blog hay vẽ vời Photoshop, còn những lúc quá rảnh rỗi như thế này thì chỉ muốn ngủ và nghỉ :D. Thua chính cả mình luôn. Hai là đang theo trào lưu micro-blogging bằng twitter.

As the year 2008 draws to an end, I think there are lots of things to blog. In general, this year is quite a pleased year. Last year, I gave myseft twelve goals to approach. And happily, I’ve achieve over half of them. Those goals are here:

  • Tháng 1: Lấy 100đ phần Java (khó đây :-ss).
  • Tháng 2: Design lại blog \:D/.
  • Tháng 3: Lên hạng 20+ trong lớp :-s.
  • Tháng 4: Sẽ có bằng Diploma of Information Systems Management.
  • Tháng 5: Lên hạng 15+ trong lớp.
  • Tháng 6: Thi tốt nghiệp đàng hoàng /:).
  • Tháng 7: Thi vào ĐH BK khoa CNTT 8-}.
  • Tháng 8: làm sinh nhật thứ 18 thật bự <:-P.
  • Tháng 9: thi bằng lái xe >:).
  • Tháng 10: Quay lại học năm 2 của Aptech
  • Tháng 11: Luyện AV :->
  • Tháng 12: Kiếm bạn gái =))

Jan75%: ya, I did my 4 tests well. However, it wasn’t perfect because of one 90pts-test together with three 100’s. But I think I was satisfied with that.

Feb80%: I re-designed this blog on Feb. Exactly in the Tet holidays. I’d had tons of designs in my head before, but the user inteface you’re seeing here is the final I released. Quite clean, quite readable and simple. Do you think so? But I promise some changes next year.

Mar100%: Yeah, 100% because I was ranked 16th in that mid-term “score board”. I knew that wasn’t real, just the final result is true. But that result may reflect my attempt at studying.

Apr100%: Sure, because I’m sitting nearby my Diploma of Information Systems Management. I tried a lot that time. I had final test at highschool at the same time with my final project at Aptech (double final). I wanted to determine how much I can do. In both of them, I did well with my best tries.

May0%: Obviously, I fell to 30th in rank because of Litterature subject. Haha, maybe my style of writting went too fast for my Litterature teachers to catch up :)). In other word, they cannot understand what I wanted them to understand. So, I got bad marks. But no problems, that is how life goes.

Jun67%: Except Litt. and History, I think I did the best. With the score was Math: 10, Physics: 9.5, Bio: 9.5, English: 9.5, History: 6 and Litterature: 5.5. I got a somewhat high total score but still was ranked “Average Graduation”. The result took me to a situation that I’ve got 3 kinds of graduation: one excellent, one good and one average. :D I’m special, aren’t I?

Half of the year passed, the other half was waiting for me.

Gman of 2008

Jul101%: :D I passed this entry exam and I was satisfied all the requirements but finally I’m not a BKer :D. I’m now an Ef Pee Ter. FPT university gave me a unexpecting birthday gift lately in August. That was a “ticket” to get the scholarship. And the chance was taken, I was chosen :D. It wasn’t a full scholarship but I will have to pay about $550 for all of my courses here in FPT (I’m not get the highest scholarship but the unique one, like.no.others). Too cheap, at least, cheaper than in University of technology which had been my dream (but no longer).

Aug 70%: My 18th birthday party wasn’t big (as my imagination). That day was a rainy day (or a stormy day?) but I still feIt warm. However, I realized that I’m just a normal person, not so special as I expected. But I still alive, sometime, being normal is better.

Sep0%: Too bad, too lazy to just go to the office to register (too many “to”). No comment available. This month, I started my University life.

Oct50%: I think I should change that goal. Because I don’t need to rejoin Aptech for 3rd and 4th semesters. I chose another line to go, not the web applications so Aptech isn’t quite helpful.

Nov90%: English training. It’s pretty good. I’ve learned lots of things from FPT University’s English Course (actually, it’s Summit course from Longman). I got 3rd rank in my class. And my class is the best class with highest average score of the whole University. Is it content?

Dec - -1%: I think I dont have any luck in the front, the love front :)). Damn, sometime I think I can get close to my “object”. But the reality is not. Terribly sad (within 5 seconds).

So, to sum up, I have 61% success of the year. That’s why I told you 2008 is pleased, content and satisfied. This year I learn one thing:

We survive because we’re different. No difference, no survival.

That is something for the ending year. I haven’t had any plan for the next year yet. Just wait and see in next post. See ya. Happy new year.


Năm nay có thêm cái tên mới là Glô tức Gman – master of Lô :)) (cái tên nói lên tất cả)


  1. y' la nguoi cong nhan sieng nang trong viec dat ra muc tieu cho tung tha'ng trong ca nam va review lai no'. :D. Ta thi cu' de'n chan roi dat muc tieu ra thoi a. :D


  2. Ặc trong cái Twiter Gman viết linh tinh quá lại cụt ngủn đọc chẳng hiẻu gì ráo =))


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