July is gonna end

[ 26.7.2010 ]

Another month gonna go by. And I’ve finished a lot of things. I’ve done all of the major-related courses that I have to finish before the internship. Just one month left for Japanese class. Hope the end could be as good as the start.

FYI, The internship or the on-job-training or whatever you call it will last 8 months. The first month might be the luckiest one, because I will work in E-town, which 2km apart from my house. Next 7 months will be 10 times farther, some where in district 9. Hope these months won’t turn out to be a nightmare.

Another thing I’ve finished is the “exchange talk” – a talk show mixed with a forum that I was in charge in spite of the fact that I have little information about the invitees and the goal. However, it’s done positively (It could be more interesting if I had had more information. OMG, talking about cloud computing to architecture or biological students. This thing is boring to them).

Our invitees, CLT Dreamers, actually are talented students from around South Korea who passed a test and a interview to be on a voluntary trip to Vietnam. They are so kind and talented, and very good-looking in addition. I gotta love these guys. Hope to see them again next year. They inspired me to travel to S.Korea, for the first time in my life. That was a great experience. [photos]

this t-shirt again, don't know why!!

The next item in my plan is to organize some class about advanced .Net (as advanced as I know). Maybe 1 or 2 before the internship. But I have no detailed plan, my ƃuıʞɔnɟ lazy.

P/S: Don’t think and you will live happily.


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