Regret your career choice?

[ 2.4.2009 ]

For few weeks, I’ve started writing (exactly translating) a blog post about passion. But it seems that I don’t have enough passion to finish this :)). Till now it’s in draft. I don’t know why I cannot start to write about it again. Those days were really hard. Assessments came every night, from programming, soft skill, English, Japanese and currently calculus. Sound terrible? Obviously, I can hardly spend time blogging. However, there were some days that I’m nearly free for whole day. But, you know, too lazy to sit there and typing. I wonder how could I blogged 53 entries a month two years ago, incredible!

I planned not to tell you about the passion post until I complete it, but today one thing lets me dig it up. This is the random thinking of Ms. English Teacher (did she marry?). It’s said that she had a dream to be a teacher when she was young and she would do everything to be a teacher. It became to be true. She’s now a real teacher (and she’s teaching me). But in a moment, she met an idea that whether she is born to be a teacher or not. You know, it’s like a crisis period that no one can avoid in his or her life. I haven’t had any girlfriend yet, but I can observe that everyone who is in love, once wonder if he loves her for real or he belongs to another one (is it true for you?). These situations are somewhat alike. You love something or someone and in some second, you ask yourself if this is for you.

Back to my teacher, she wrote all (perhaps all) what she thought on a PowerPoint slide and projected it on the screen then suddenly turned it off. She showed us that just because she hoped us to think carefully about our careers, and generally, our passions. In my opinion, I agree with her about the careful thoughts. However, I have a different viewpoint with her about the sentence “Don’t step on my way” of hers. I think that no one can know well about his/her ten-year-later. So why to regret your ten-year-ago decision? I mean she wasn’t wrong to be a teacher. In fact, she has taught well for a long time. So, if I were her, I would think again about my teaching. And if I still think teaching is not for me, I wouldn’t hesitate changing the career. Even if it's not easy but I have to. Grasping brings no happiness. That’s all, hope she can be back next class as she promised.


  1. "And if I still think teaching is not for me, I wouldn’t hesitate changing the career". Sounds so easy, huh?

  2. even if it's not easy. you have to.
    grasping brings no happiness

  3. passion will change into happiness boy, the happiness of Doing-good-job, being-useful. :)

  4. you can never change the past but you can change the future. I agree with her. If I don't love what I'm doing anymore, I will change it.
    Life is short. Don't hesitate.


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