It's very late and I'm still awake. Having nothing to do in the dark night, I imagine talking to myself.
MeOne: It's boring tonight, you think so?
MeTwo: Really? I don't think so, tonight we play game with friends. It's interesting, isn't it?
MeOne: Yah, kinda interesting. But I can't stop thinking.
MeTwo: Think? What did you think about all the day?
MeOne: About a girl...
MeTwo: Girl? haha, your girlfriend or your girl-in-dream?
MeOne: No, none of them, just a girl.
MeTwo: No! No guy on earth spends time just thinking about a girl who isnt his girlfriend.
MeOne: But me.
MeTwo: Ok, ok, I can't help laughing. But what did you think about her?
MeOne: A lot of things. She has just stopped talking to me because of thinking I'm not trusted.
MeTwo: Really? You're not trusted, what the heck you'd done making her think like that?
MeOne: Uhm, firstly, she thought that I had told Mr. HerTheThird the secret she told me these days. But I didn't.
MeTwo: Are you sure you didn't?
MeOne: I didn't tell him anything she told me these days, except that she wanna be friend with him again. And I knew he'd known it yet.
MeTwo: Keep going
MeOne: You know, they are both my friends, they've been having a problem. And I just wanna help them out of this. I came to talk the Mr. Her3rd what I'd known. It's normal, we are friends so I can talk about what I know and what I think. Do you agree?
MeTwo: Without telling what she wanted you to keep secret, it's totally ok.
MeOne: Ya, I did keep them secret. I just told what she didn't tell me, what I had just explored by myself. And when I was not sure about what I said, I always told "I think", "maybe", "I guess",etc. So THERE WAS NOT A WORD ABOUT HER SECRETS NOR A LIE.
MeTwo: Calm down friend. Why didn't you tell her that?
MeOne: Shit! She was as stubborn as a mule. She said she couldn't trust me any more.
MeTwo: This is a difficult situation, friend.
MeOne: I know. She also told that I'd made the relationship between her and Mr.Her3rd worse.
MeTwo: Arrg, what a girl!
MeOne: In my opinion, when a boy and a girl stepped further than friend stage, they are hard to comeback the stage. You think so? And both of them need time to calm themselves to be normal. I experienced that.
MeTwo: Yes, It's true.
MeOne: But it's not true with her. She just want to keep all friends by her side without thinking what they think. It's look like keeping them as satellites more than as friends. And such a girl like her cannot recognize this. Why don't release them for a while, and time will bring them back? Why must be so selfish?
MeTwo: hmm,... ok. I think, with such that girl, you just ignore what she says, don't pay attention to her life any more. Without you she may feel more comfortable. So stop thinking and continue living you own life. Ok?
MeOne: I used to think like you. But you know something? She really means to me. And I cannot leave her losing herself day by day. I really want she can go back 2 years - her most beautiful part of life, back to the real her, the girl I've known. She's changed dramatically for 1 year. At that time, she had a pure love, a pure relationship with pure friends. But right now, she even has no correct definition about friendship. Her so-called friends are just for short time. And with no doubt she cannot differentiate clearly what is sexual emotion between two genders and what is love.
MeTwo: arr, you seem know her so well.
MeOne: Not really. Don't talk to her about that, she is a really really really weak girl, physically and mentally. Hiding behind her strong apperance is the weak soul. She is easy to cry, to be stress... Sometimes, she tried to kill herself. This can lead to one of her bad attitute - easily misplace her heart.
MeTwo: Really? Your friend is soooo complicated. I cannot understand her. But I can see that she is in a high dangerous situation. She absolutely need help. Try to change her, bring the real her back.
MeOne: You think I didn't try doing this? I tried. But her arrogance and pessimism are 2 hardest obstacle to crossover. When I tried telling her that is not the way, she often said I was overconfident and I always thought I was the best.
MeTwo: No, I can confirm that you are not like what that girl said. She just doesn't understand you. Sometimes, you show up that you think you are the best. But it's needed. Would you try to do somthing that you think you cant do?
MeOne: Never... arr she asked me not to say "never" but she often say "always" :)), it's funny.
MeTwo: yeah, you are just an optimist. You never, arr, never say never. You rarely blame someone that he/she is very bad intendingly.
MeOne: yes, I just want everyone think they are the best too. Why everyone can be all the best? 
MeTwo: Yes, it's innovative, and people in the world shouldn't be too pessimistic.
MeOne: I just have no idea how to let her know all that things. By now I have no way to help her because she stop contact me in every way. Tonight we had an appointment in my home but she didn't come without any notice. So what can I do?
MeTwo: I don't know what we can do, too. Just wishing she could understand. It's really late, you should sleep now, tomorrow we have a test.
MeOne: Ok, I will try our best. One more funny thing, hardly when we plan to go to cinema, we fight :)).
MeOne talk to himself:
Someone hates that he tries but failed.
I hate not to try but win